The Center on Finance, Law & Policy is excited to provide a forum for faculty and graduate students from multiple disciplines throughout the University of Michigan community to present published works or works-in-progress on issues related to law, policy, and finance. Previous blue bag presenters have included:

September 2017 – Nejan Seyhun (Ross) – “Eliminating Conflicts of Interests in Banks: The Significance of the Volcker Rule”

September 2016 – Nejat Seyhun (Ross) – “Why Don’t General Counsels Stop Corporate Crime? (Co-authored paper with Burcu Avci)”

April 2016 – Elizabeth Anderson (Women’s studies) – “The Business Enterprise as an Ethical Agent”

March 2016 – Jenna Bednar (Political Science)

February 2016 – Sarah Miller (Ross) – “Health Care Reform and Consumer Credit Outcomes”

December 2015 – Kristin Seefeldt (Ford/Social Work)

November 2015 – Stephan Nagel (Ross) – “The Making of Doves and Hawks: Inflation Experiences and Voting on the FOMC”

September 2015 – Romesh Saigal (CoE) – “A Macroscopic Look at the Equity Markets”

June 2015 – Uday Rajan (Ross) and Michael Wellman (Computer Science) – “Understanding and Mitigating AI Threats to the Financial System”

May 2015 – Jerry Davis (Ross)

April 2015 – David Bieri (Urban Planning)

March 2015 – Greta Krippner (Sociology)

February 2015 – Paolo Pasquariello (Ross)

January 2015 – Trina Shanks (Social Work)

December 2014 – Amy K. Dittmar (Ross)

November 2014 – Anmol Chaddha (Ford)

October 2014 – Dana Muir (Ross) – The future of insurance and asset management

September 2014 – Nejat Seyhun (Ross) – “Insider Trading and 10(b)5-1 Safe Harbor Plans”

August 2014 – Joshua Hausman (Ford) – “Abenomics: Preliminary Analysis and Outlook”

July 2014 – Cindy Soo (Ross) – “Quantifying Animal Spirits: News Media and Sentiment in the Housing Market”

June 2014 – Martin Schmalz (Ross) – “Anti-competitive Effects of Common Ownership”

May 2014 – Sugato Bhattacharyya (Ross) – “Why Does a Seller’s Leverage Affect House Prices?”

April 2014 – Matthew Shapiro (Economics) – “Harnessing Naturally-Occurring Data to Accurately Measure the Real-time Response of Spending to Income”

March 2014 – Kristin Seefeldt (Ford School/School of Social Work) – “Financial Tool or Financial Hardship? The Complex Role of Debt in Lower-income Women’s Financial Lives”

February 2014 – Sergey Nadtochiy (Math) – “Non-Core Liabilities Tax as a Tool for Prudential Regulation”

December 2013 – John Pottow (Law) – Detroit’s Bankruptcy

November 2013 – Jordan Barry (Law) – “Shareholder Decisionmaking in the Presence of Empty Voting and Hidden Ownership”

October 2013 – Miles Kimball (Economics) – “Breaking Through the Zero Lower Bound”

September 2013 – Nico Howson (Law) – “‘Quack Corporate Governance’ as Traditional Chinese Medicine”

August 2013 – Amiyatosh Purnanandam (Ross) – “Design of Financial Securities: Empirical Evidence from Private-label RMBS Deals”

July 2013 – Michael Wellman and Elaine Wah (Computer Science and Engineering) – High Frequency Trading.

June 2013 – Dana Muir (Ross) –  “Choice Architecture and the Locus of Fiduciary Obligation in Defined Contribution Plans”