1. New Financial Regulation Textbook Available

    August 1, 2016

    FinancialRegulation-textbookFinancial Regulation: Law and Policy, a new textbook by the Center on Finance, Law, and Policy’s Faculty Director, Professor Michael Barr, was published by Foundation Press in June 2016 and is now available!  Barr co-authored the textbook with Howell Jackson, Professor of Law at Harvard Law School, and Margaret Tahyar, Partner at Davis Polk & Wardwell LLP and Lecturer in Law at Harvard Law School.

    As the co-authors explain in their preface, Financial Regulation: Law & Policy aims to teach students about today’s financial sector with a modular, accessible, balanced, practical, and ready-to-use approach:

    The textbook takes as its starting point today’s financial sector, which has been reshaped by the Financial Crisis and the still ongoing fundamental reforms to financial regulation that followed. History, technological change, turf battles, politics, ideology, and other factors are brought to bear so that students may understand why and how markets and regulation have evolved and will continue to evolve. The book provides students with the situational awareness they will need to be outstanding lawyers, regulators, and policy-makers.

    The textbook comes with a teacher’s manual that explores key themes, suggests a range of teaching approaches, answers questions presented in the textbook, and includes class slides for each chapter. The textbook and slides have been field-tested with students, and the chapters have been reviewed by a range of academic, private sector, and regulatory experts, whose comments and suggestions have been incorporated into the published text.

    ISBN: 9781634592956
    Buy the book at:*
    ·         Foundation Press
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    *Note: The first run has been sold out and you may get an “out of stock” message at Amazon or Foundation. Rest assured, however, that additional copies are already being printed and will be available for shipment by August 1-3.

    (Once available, the full teachers’ manual and class slides will be password protected. To receive access, contact your account manager directly or request a password >.)

    What Makes This Textbook Unique

    Instructors may request a review copy by using the ISBN (9781634592956) and contacting their Law School Account Managers at 800-313-9378 or at accountmanager@westacademic.com