Each month, University of Michigan scholars present works-in-progress to an interdisciplinary collection of students and faculty as part of the Center's Blue Bag lunch series.
Interdisciplinary Approaches to Financial Stability
The Center's 2015 Fall Conference drew together luminaries from diverse fields to explore how methods from systems analysis, agent-based modeling, and data visualization and security can be used to identify, measure, monitor and mitigate risks to the financial system.
Supporting Minority and Women Entrepreneurs
Prof. Michael S. Barr participated in a panel discussion and presented his new paper, "Minority and Women Entrepreneurs: Building Capital, Networks, and Skills," at the Hamilton Project's forum on expanding employment opportunities.
Financial Reform: Preventing the Next Crisis
Richard Cordray, Director of the U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, gave the keynote address at the Center's fall 2014 conference, which brought together scholars, current and former government official, industry leaders, and members of the media to take stock six years after the financial crisis.