Diana Farrell at Behavioral Finance Symposium

Since the Center on Finance, Law & Policy was founded, events have been a central component of the research center's work. Starting in 2015, we have hosted conferences independently and in partnership with organizations and institutions, such as United States Office of Financial Researchthe Brookings Institution, the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, and Ideas42. Whether held at one of the University of Michigan's famed schools, or as guests at institutions such as the Department of the Treasury, these conferences bring together experts from academia, government, and private industries. 

In addition to our robust slate of conferences, the Center on Finance, Law & Policy hosts conversations and presentations by established experts and emerging voices in the international conversation around finance, law & policy.  The Center's "blue bag lunch talks" occur monthly and are interdisciplinary research presentations by University of Michigan faculty.

Michael Barr next to Man asking question at OFR Conference

Missed an event? Watch videos of previous University of Michigan Center on Finance, Law & Policy events and conferences, in our video library.
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Building a fairer financial system

Two blue bags with M's on them

From international economic trends to domestic corporate law, presenters at the "blue bag lunch" speaking series have covered a wide spectrum of topics over the years. Below are three presentations that added to our national conversation around equitable financial access.




Central Bank of the Future Conference

At the 2019 and 2020 Central Bank of the Future Conferences, speakers representing Central Banks across the globe came together with scholars and professional experts to explore the role of these pivotal institutions.
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A Decade of Dodd Frank

In June 2020, the Center on Regulations and Markets at the Brookings Institution and the Center on Finance, Law & Policy at the University of Michigan hosted an event to examine the difficult choices made in drafting Dodd-Frank, its impact on systemic risk and consumer protection, and the response to the COVID-19 crisis in both domestic and global contexts.
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Consumer Protection in an Age of Uncertainty

Consumer Protection in the Age of Uncertainty explored the status of consumer financial protection as it affects American borrowers, investors, small business owners, and those planning for retirement. If you have ever applied for a mortgage, refinanced a student loan, used an app to pay bills, or if you have ever wondered why you have to show up in person to close a bank account from another state -- or had your identity stolen -- this conference covered something that directly affects you.
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