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Central Bank of the Future

Redefining Financial Inclusion

May 15, 2021
Adrienne A. Harris
“Financial inclusion in India is soaring,” reads a 2019 headline from the World Economic Forum. The article is rife with promising statistics. In just seven years, the number of Indian citizens holding a bank account increased from forty to eighty...
Central Bank of the Future

Working Paper #5: Central Banks as Utilities?

January 28, 2021
Ryan Bernard, Ashton Smith
In June 2020, the University of Michigan Center on Finance, Law & Policy held a virtual Roundtable for the Central Bank of the Future Project. This event explored whether central banks could provide services in the following areas: real time...
Central Bank of the Future

2020 Financial Inclusion Mandates Among Central Banks (Worldwide)

January 24, 2021
This open source dataset created by the University of Michigan Center on Finance, Law & Policy. Designed to contribute to an international perspective, this original dataset identifies which central banks around the world have made financial...
Working Paper

The Financial Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

August 1, 2020
Michael S. Barr, Howell E. Jackson, Margaret E. Tahyar
This paper, written to assist faculty in teaching about the pandemic, focuses on key actions taken by the financial regulators in response to the crisis so far, giving a detailed summary of the actions taken by the Federal Reserve, the Treasury...
Central Bank of the Future

Working Paper #4: 2019 Conference Summary

March 20, 2020
Malika Begum
This paper provides a summary of the Center on Finance, Law & Policy's conference held on October 2-3, 2019 at the University of Michigan called The Central Bank of the Future. The conference brought together distinguished Central Bank Governors,...
Central Bank of the Future

Introductory Project Brief & Overview

December 3, 2018
Adrienne A. Harris, Michael S. Barr
This paper was drafted at the inception of the Central Bank of the Future research project as a brief memo and overview of ideas. It is intended to provide background supporting the project’s intent and importance. The brief details the approach...

Behavioral Finance Symposium Summary Paper

May 6, 2018
Michael S. Barr, Annabel Jouard, Andrew Norwich, Josh Wright, Katy Davis
On September 14-15, 2017, the University of Michigan’s Center on Finance, Law, and Policy and behavioral science research and design lab ideas42 brought together influential leaders from academia, government, nonprofits, and the financial sector for...
Big Data in Finance

Highlights from the Big Data in Finance Conference

October 28, 2016
Michael S. Barr, Brian Koziara, Alfred Hero, H.V. Jagadish
How can financial data be made more accessible and more secure, as well as more useful to regulators, market participants, and the public? As new data sets are created, opportunities emerge. Vast quantities of financial data may help identify...
Working Paper

Too LIBOR, Too Late: Time to Move to a Market Rate

July 21, 2015
Michael S. Barr
Barclays has been fined, the British have issued their report, and now the market is anxious for everything to go on as usual with the London Interbank Offer Rate (“LIBOR”). I think that would be a serious mistake. The U.S. and British...