PubPol 495.005

PubPol 495.005: Policy Seminar: Engaging the Public in Policy Making

11:30 am-2:20 pm EDT

When designing new policies or programs, or adapting existing policies at the local level, engaging the public can enable governments to be more targeted to local needs, more effective within a local context, and more sustainable by developing loc

PubPol 744

PubPol 744: Economics of the Public Sector

6:14-6:14 pm EDT

This is a course on how economists think about government revenue and government expenditures? how governments raise and spend public money. Public Finance is a subfield of microeconomics.

PubPol 556

PubPol 556: Macroeconomics

6:14-6:14 pm EDT

This course teaches students the basic tools of macroeconomics and how to apply them to real-world economic policy.

PubPol 542

PubPol 542: International Financial Policy

6:14-6:14 pm EDT

This course provides an overview of international financial economics, developing analytic tools and concepts that can be used to analyze world economic policy debates.

PubPol 541

PubPol 541: International Trade Policy

8:30-9:50 am EDT

This course examines the policy issues of international trade, including trade in both goods and services and also international flows of direct investment and migration.

PubPol 475.004

PubPol 475.004: Topics: Cybersecurity for Future Leaders

4:00-6:50 pm EDT

Future leaders will need to understand the science, technology, public policy, and national security considerations behind cybersecurity well enough to make informed decisions when provided advice and options for action.