Working Paper #4: 2019 Conference Summary

March 20, 2020
Malika Begum

This paper provides a summary of the Center on Finance, Law & Policy's conference held on October 2-3, 2019 at the University of Michigan called The Central Bank of the Future. The conference brought together distinguished Central Bank Governors, policymakers, fintech executives, and experts from a wide range of disciplines to explore the future of central banks and their role in expanding access to financial services and address the following questions:

● Do the three policy functions of the modern Central Bank contribute to financial inclusion, poverty alleviation, and a more inclusive economy? What could be improved?
● How would the design and function of Central Banks change if the remit included development of inclusive financial systems, inclusive growth, and/or poverty alleviation?
● Do we need a new approach for regulating digital products or a cashless economy?
● How might technology strengthen a Central Bank’s ability to promote inclusion?
● Does the Central Bank have a role to play in promoting innovation?
● What would be different if women designed the Central Bank of the future?
● What would be different if we were to design a Central Bank with an aim for advancing women and girls?