New Course Starts April 1: Finance for Societal Good

March 25, 2019

Professor Michael Gordon of the Ross School of Business will be offering a new course beginning April 1, FINANCE FOR SOCIETAL GOOD (Entrepreneurial Studies 444 / Entrepreneurial Studies 644). A full description is listed below:

Business can attack our most challenging societal problems, abroad and at home, but first we must think differently about money. Viewed as a tool, and not just an end, money provides a path to financial inclusion, alleviating poverty, addressing health and educational disparities, and restoring the environment. 

New means of financing can link small farmers in Africa with Whole Foods, in ways that are fair and free of risk. Or underwrite social impact bonds that guarantee that a city’s schools perform better, or healthcare delivery is improved. Or create carbon credits sold on world carbon markets every time someone in Mongolia replaces burning wood with a solar stove. Inclusive finance can correct the problem of talented entrepreneurs in Detroit, Des Moines, or Appalachia rarely getting investment dollars.

Learn every week from world-leading practitioners who are pulling the business-place forward. Gain new skills and perspectives, confident you can apply them in any line of work, not just finance.

You’ll learn about what the most progressive firms are doing, and how they’re pulling everyone else into the future with them.

You’ll learn how any organization trying to create societal good can take advantage of these new tools. Put these tools and perspectives to use yourself, no matter if your career is in finance or not.

ES 444, 3 credits Fall-b: Mon & Wed 2:30-4 & Tues 7-8 pm (or 9) (you attend all)
ES 644, 2.25 credits Fall-b: Mon 4:00-5:40 and Tues 7-9 pm (you attend both)