Welcome Visiting Researcher Daniel Gersten Reiss!

January 20, 2020

The Center on Finance, Law & Policy is pleased to welcome Daniel Gersten Reiss of Banco Central do Brasil as a visiting researcher during the winter 2020 term, from January - March 2020. Mr. Gersten Reiss will be collaborating with Prof. Adrienne A. Harris and Dean Michael S. Barr in research related to the Center's Central Bank of the Future project

Daniel Gersten Reiss is a specialist in payments and is currently an advisor to the Deputy-Governor for Licensing and Resolution at the Central Bank of Brazil. He has been a central banker since 2007, previously working on Competition and Market Organization, Banking Operations and Payment System, and International Affairs. 

For the past four years, Daniel has been working closely with the recent developments in the money domain, including topics such as the virtual currency phenomenon and the possible use of new technology architectures by the central bank for issuing digital currencies. Besides digital innovations in the financial sector, Daniel's research agenda includes the policy evaluation of central bank regulation. Specifically, he is currently looking into two new implemented policies in Brazil: the cap on debit card interchange fees, and the cap on the interest rates on overdraft credit.

In international forums, he represents the Central Bank of Brazil at the BIS CPMI Working Group on Digital Innovations and the CPMI-IOSCO joint working group on the same topic. Daniel is also a participant in the International Telecommunications Union's activities related to payments, namely the Focus Group Digital Currencies and the Financial Inclusion Global Initiative. Formerly, Daniel has acted as vice-chairman to the ITU-T Focus Group Digital Financial Services.

Daniel has also already been a visiting member of the secretariat at the Bank for International Settlements' Committee of Payments and Markets Infrastructure and both lecturer of international economics and academic advisor at Universidade de Brasilia. Additional experience includes being the project manager for the implementation of the Brazil-Argentina Local Currency Payment System, consulting in retail payments, and coordinating international technical cooperation.

Daniel has a doctorate in economics, a master's degree in public sector economics, a post-graduate diploma in international relations, and a certificate in accounting. He has graduated from the Brazilian Naval Academy with a major in management.