Center on Finance, Law & Policy releases do-it-yourself digital resource guide for small businesses

June 8, 2022

This digital resource guide is filled with links to resources in most of the areas affecting micro-businesses. It begins with some resources to help business owners get access to the internet. From there, it moves in a progression one might follow when starting a business: establishing a company name and brand, selling online, and then incorporating software or apps into other business functions to save you time and money. Each section begins with testimonials from business owners who were willing to share their pain points or the solutions that worked for them. Where there are organizations within our ecosystem who specializes in offering support for a problem, we have listed them. 

This guide is not intended to be read like a book. It is more like a collection of field notes and self-assessment quizzes, where we have captured the best digital resources we know of for our business owners, sorted by topic. 

Click here to view the DIY Digital Resource Guide for Detroit Small Businesses.

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