Gabriel Rauterberg

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Gabriel Rauterberg

Assistant Professor of Law, University of Michigan Law School
Gabriel Rauterberg’s research interests include financial trading markets, securities regulation, corporations, and contracts.Current projects include assessing the role of high-frequency trading in the modern stock market; an empirical investigation…
CFLP Blue Bag Lunches

Two public/private divides revisited

Oct 7, 2021, 12:00-1:00 pm EDT
Professor Gabriel Rauterberg explores how the public/private divide in U.S. securities markets interact and questions whether the current structure is socially optimal.
Systemic Risk & Market Integrity

Algorithmic market manipulation

March 2018
Michael Wellman, Uday Rajan, Gabriel Rauterberg, Michael S. Barr, Xintong Wang, Megan Shearer
By combining finance, machine learning, and computational game theory with law and policy, University of Michigan faculty from the College of Engineering, the Ross School of Business, the Law School, and the Ford School of Public Policy are building new models for thinking about and detecting spoofing and other...