Jennifer Tescher

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Jennifer Tescher

President & CEO, Financial Health Network
Jennifer Tescher is President & CEO of the Financial Health Network, the nation’s authority on consumer financial health. Tescher founded the Financial Health Network in 2004 and has since achieved notable success in championing increased access to…
What if?

The Central Bank of the Future and Financial Health

Jun 5, 2020
Note: As part of the Central Bank of the Future research project, we asked a few people to help us think big in reimagining the Central Bank of 2070. What underlying assumptions would have to change to foster economic inclusion? This post is the...

What If...?

In support of the Central Bank of the Future research project, Principal Investigators Michael S. Barr and Adrienne A. Harris invited a few people to think big by asking this question: What might the Central Bank of 2070 look like? Here are some of...