Video, Language & Storytelling

Case Studies: Telling Stories through Videos & Posters

Narrative Video for Farmacy Food

Kwaku worked with a previous student team to develop the brand identity for Farmacy Food. Although the suggestions were visually compelling, they felt a little too similar to a couple other notable players in the Southeast Michigan food scene.  Kwaku and his team were hungry for a visual identity that was unique to Farmacy Food. 

After several iterations, Farmacy Food and the ISLB found written and visual elements that felt authentic to its mission. A narrative video was selected to convey Farmacy Food’s brand identity to various community members, stakeholders, business professionals, and potential clients. After conducting an interview with Kwaku and collecting additional photos, video clips, and graphics from Farmacy Food’s branding guide, a 4-minute video was curated to tell the story of why someone should invest their time and energy into Farmacy Food.

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Historical Posters for Detroit Soul

Jerome and his brother Sam at Detroit Soul were looking to solidify and improve their brand identity and implement it into their new location in order to convey their story to customers. They wanted to showcase the historical foundations of soul food and what inspired them to open Detroit Soul.

Jerome and Sam expressed interest in converting the historical timeline featured in their original location to professional-looking historical posters about the history of soul food for their new location. After discussing with the business owners, we did a deep dive on the history of soul food and its progression through American history. We took this research, condensed it into prose, and divided it into three historical posters: The Soul in Soul Food, The Roots of Soul Food, Soul Food Then & Now. We then worked to posterize historical photos and photos from the business itself within the new color palette we had developed for Detroit Soul to coordinate with the written content.

History of Soul Food Posters

Read the stories on each poster: