Which POS system is right for me?

Jevona Watson had a hunch that the subscription fees and comprehensive features of her Point of Sale system were overkill for Detroit Sip’s business model. But as a busy entrepreneur and attorney, she did not have the time to do research, make phone calls, and then go through a new system set-up on her own. 

Detroit Sip’s post-pandemic reopening created an opportunity for a cost analysis of its point of sale system. Our comparison guide quickly identified that Detroit Sip’s POS subscription, while a front runner for many full service restaurants and clothing stores, was not the best fit for the counter service of a community centered coffee shop.

While the decision to take a leap and try something new is difficult, Jevona made the decision to switch to a POS system whose fee structure is more in line with her business’ monthly transactions and average revenue per transaction. With IOS hardware in place, the point of sale team was able to help Detroit Sip make the switch to Square, which should save the business $1000 per year. They also moved over her menu, inventory, and customer data to ease the process. 

Point Of Sale DNEP +ISLB 2022 Cost Index