Managing a marketing campaign

While cell phones have made it easier than ever for business owners to snap photos and upload them to use social media to improve visibility, these follows and likes often do not convert to sales. Designing a professional marketing campaign for a business requires research, data, testing, and revision.

In working with Detroit entrepreneurs, we found that while their businesses often had social media accounts on at least one platform, business owners often did not have the time or experience to know how to access or analyze their social media analytics. By harvesting this data, we were able to design and implement both free and paid marketing campaigns, introduce clients to the mechanics of A/B testing and customer demographic targeting, and create new content designed to connect with target customers.

Managing Paid Advertising

Marketing is both a way to attract customers and a discipline by which you can better understand who your customers are.
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Developing Social Media Campaigns

Not all social media campaigns are created equal, or create the same results.
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Creating Content

Having a fresh, professional, set of images can go a long way to building a sustainable and effective social media strategy.
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