Data Privacy & Data Portability Conference Registration Open

February 12, 2019

The Center on Finance, Law, and Policy is proud to co-sponsor the Data Privacy and Portability in Financial Technology Symposium. Organized by students from the Michigan Technology Law Review, this event celebrates the law review’s 25th Anniversary by hosting an event dedicated to cutting edge scholarship at the intersection of technology and the law. Specifically, this symposium is designed to examine the inherent tensions between securing privacy rights and the ease at which transactions occur, facilitated by new innovative technologies.

Paypal's Chief Privacy Officer Kristie Chon will deliver the keynote address; University of Michigan Ford School of Public Policy Dean Michael S. Barr will deliver the lunchtime address. A full list of speakers is listed here

The symposium will address the legal issues implicated by the exciting and rapidly developing world of financial technology, such as: Who owns a customer’s financial data? How will the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) influence how companies handle customer data? How can U.S. policymakers construct a sensible policy framework suited to the particular regulatory and technical attributes of the U.S. consumer financial services sector? And how should we conceive of increased liability for companies and what does that mean for organizations’ relationships with consumers, stockholders, lenders and the like?

REGISTRATION is free, but required.