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An Interdisciplinary Approach to Fintech  Financial technology (“Fintech”) continues to make new financial products and services available, while upending old rules. Regulators and market participants face challenges in understanding and...
CFLP Update

Founders & Entrepreneurs Discuss Fintech In The African Context

Feb 26, 2021
On February 15, the Center on Finance, Law & Policy hosted “Fintech in the African Context” as part of the University of Michigan’s Africa Week. Panelists discussed regulatory frameworks, barriers to scale, and business models that respond to the...
CFLP Update

Book Review: Banking On A Revolution

Feb 23, 2021
In Banking on a Revolution: Why Financial Technology Won't Save a Broken System, U-M Professor Terri Friedline calls attention to systemic issues in society and the economy. Rather than separately dissecting issues, Professor Friedline groups these...

Toward a more fair and inclusive financial system

May 22, 2020
New FinTech collaborations boost Ford School’s financial policy offerings The Ford School is expanding its offerings of financial policy courses with FinTech (financial technology) Policy and FinTech Entrepreneurship classes. Taught by professor of...

Data Privacy & Data Portability Conference Registration Open

Feb 12, 2019
The Center on Finance, Law, and Policy is proud to co-sponsor the Data Privacy and Portability in Financial Technology Symposium. Organized by students from the Michigan Technology Law Review, this event celebrates the law review’s 25th Anniversary...

Speaker bios for FinTech conference

Nov 20, 2017
The University of Michigan Center on Finance, Law, and Policy and U.S. Office of Financial Research are pleased to host the following speakers for our third annual financial stability conference: FinTech Risks and Opportunities: An Interdisciplinary...

Data Privacy and Portability in Financial Technology Symposium

Feb 23, 2019, 8:30 am-5:00 pm EST
Jeffries Hall Room 1225
The Data Privacy and Portability in Financial Technology Symposium celebrates the Michigan Technology Law Review’s 25th Anniversary by hosting an event dedicated to cutting-edge scholarship at the intersection of technology and the law. Specifically, this symposium is designed to examine the inherent tensions between securing privacy rights and the ease at which transactions occur, facilitated by new innovative technologies.
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Effects of team membership on pro-social lending in online microfinance: Large-scale field experiments on Kiva

Dec 6, 2018, 12:00-1:00 pm EST
South Hall 0220
This will be a presentation of two large-scale field experiments designed to test the hypothesis that group membership can increase participation and pro-social lending for an online crowdlending community, Kiva. The first experiment uses variations on a simple email manipulation to encourage Kiva members to join a lending team, testing which types of team recommendation emails are most likely to get members to join teams as well as the subsequent impact on lending. We find that emails do increase the likelihood that a lender joins a team, and that joining a team increases lending in a short window following our intervention. The impact on lending is large relative to median lender lifetime loans. We also find that lenders are more likely to join teams recommended based on location similarity rather than team status. Our results suggest team recommendations can be an effective behavioral mechanism to increase pro-social lending. In a second field experiment, we manipulate forum messages to explore the underlying mechanisms for teams to be effective. 
Financial Inclusion

Central Bank of the Future

December 2018 - June 2021
Michael S. Barr, Adrienne A. Harris
In partnership with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, this project explores the mandate and design of central banks to consider whether they might play an even stronger role in promoting financial inclusion, financial health, and a more inclusive...