Throughout the pandemic, many businesses hurried to launch new sites, or to add online ordering to existing sites. Business owners told us that they knew it was important to increase their online sales, but they felt a lack of confidence about their new e-commerce websites. 

To help business owners assess the effectiveness of their sites, we started with user experience (UX) testing that included observing website users as they completed a series of tasks, or where they get stuck. Based on what we observed, we recommended changes to the site. These changes ranged from simple navigation shuffling to more significant overhauls.  

Simplify Website Navigation

Sometimes, user testing reveals that customers simply can't find products on a website. Read more about the inventory reorganization we did for Hot Sam's.
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Home Page Redesign

Sometimes, user testing leads to the need for a complete overhaul. See AKOMA's new website.
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Create Website Tutorials

Every owner we worked with asked us to develop customized how-to guides for updating their websites. See the tutorials we developed for Paradise Foods using Wix.
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