There's just so much happening right now. We're torn in a dozen directions, but we can't launch our new product line without satisfying these State regulations.

Terry Perrone, Slows Bar-B-Q

Business owners frequently express that they don’t have the capacity to address the operational bottlenecks that hold them back from moving forward with growth opportunities. Standarding operating procedures aren’t sexy, but sometimes they stand between you and growth. An infusion of focused capacity from our intern team helped address crucial projects that pave the way for new revenue opportunities.

Health & Safety Procedures

Robust health and safety protocols have been essential to reopening, and staying open, during the pandemic. It’s good for the community, and good for business.
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Lot Coding

A lot code is a unique code assigned to each batch (lot) of food product made that allows for tracking in the case of a food borne illness. A lot coding process is required by the Health Department to engage in or expand some food businesses.
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Opening & Closing Procedures

Growth often requires hiring employees. And bringing new team members onboard requires standardizing key operations to ensure consistency and quality.
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