Point of sale systems

Business owners told us that they did not understand the true cost they were paying for their point of sale systems, they felt they were not fully utilizing the features included in their subscription packages, and that there was no point of sale support offered in the Detroit small business ecosystem. 

As we analyzed billing statements, subscription models, and point of sale features, we realized that the prices quoted on the point of sale websites did not match the true cost business owners were paying. Additionally, many small business owners were paying for inventory and analytics features they were not using. Understanding the billing structure, features, and analytics of point of sale systems takes time that full time entrepreneurs don’t have. Our work aimed to alleviate that time burden on business owners by helping them select a point of sale system that best fits their business' needs, understand what they are paying, and help them use add-on features to decrease costs and improve efficiency.

Am I overpaying for my POS system?

Our billing analysis discovered a surprising variety of POS billing methods. See how different billing methods impact your bottom line.
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Which POS system is right for me?

Our comparison guide helps business owners quickly identify which POS system best meets their current and future needs.
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How do I use my POS system to manage inventory?

Multiple business owners expressed a desire to convert their cumbersome manual inventory management into a streamlined digital process in their POS system.
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