Product enhancement & expansion

The pandemic forced business owners to dream up new products, or find ways to get tried and true products to new customers. Capturing these new opportunities sometimes requires establishing a new vendor relationship or figuring out how to keep a food product cold/frozen during transit. Frequently, finding suitable packaging was the difference between an idea and a new revenue stream.  

We helped solve business’s packaging solutions by determining feasibility of needs, identifying packaging options, assisting in testing, and finally procuring the packaging, to help businesses find useful and cost-effective packaging that aligns with their companies' brand identities.

Blck Cocoa Bakes Vegan Cheesecake

Blck Cocoa Bakes had the product, but could not find the right packaging to handle a delicious new vegan cheesecake product line, thus beginning the elusive search for the right jar.
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Slows @ Home Dinner for Four

Before Slows Bar-B-Q could move forward with national distribution, it had to figure out which products would maintain their quality, and how to keep them frozen during transit.
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