Branding & Identity

A strong brand identity is authentic, clear, and consistent -- and it takes a lot of thoughtful attention. It means combining a business' visual, verbal, and digital identities, and creating content, to tell their story in clear and intriguing ways. Through storytelling, language brainstorming and analysis, and visual branding, DNEP's brand identity teams work to highlight the unique stories behind each business to increase customer and stakeholder investment. 

Most engagements begin by working with the owner to create a branding guide that establishes how to use the company’s colors, logo, typography, language, photography, and additional elements. These brand elements inform how a company designs everything, from its physical space to its social media and websites.


Video, Language & Storytelling

Videos, Language & Storytelling can be used as a branding strategies that help establish and convey a business’ brand identity to customers. These strategies may take various forms, such as a narrative video or storytelling posters. Conversations with the business owner, coupled with a deep dive into the background of the business and their products, help to convey identities that provide information about the business publicly as desired by the business owner.
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Visual Identity

A strong, cohesive visual identity sets a business apart from its competitors and drives home the business’s mission. Visual branding is all about consistency and creativity; as designers, we lay down some general ground rules and enable the business owners to create collateral materials independently according to our branding and social media guides.
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Website Design

A website is often where stakeholders and potential clients gather first impressions of a business and its brand identity. A website redesign is a branding strategy used to help business owners best organize and market their products and services to be successful in the digital marketplace.
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