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Viola Llewellyn

Co-founder and President, Ovamba Solutions
Viola Llewellyn is the President and co-founder of award winning "TradeTech" company, Ovamba Solutions, where she oversees innovation, strategy, and business development. Ms. Llewellyn is globally recognized as an expert on African entrepreneurship,…
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DNEP +Impact Studio for Local Business

The Detroit Neighborhood Entrepreneurs Project +Impact Studio for Local Business (DNEP +ISLB) is an internship program for U-M students interested in applying their skills to help Detroit-based small business owners (re)grow their businesses. The...
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2019 Consumer Protection in an Age of Uncertainty

The Consumer Protection in an Age of Uncertainty conference explored the status of consumer financial protection as it affects American borrowers, investors, small business owners, and those planning for retirement. Rich Cordray, founding director...

Financial Regulation & Fintech Courses for Winter 2023

Nov 15, 2022
Are you interested in pursuing a career in public service working on financial issues (i.e., with a regulator, policymaker, or think tank), or headed to a corporate job in financial services (i.e., with a fintech, a law firm, or a financial...
CFLP Update

Founders & Entrepreneurs Discuss Fintech In The African Context

Feb 26, 2021
On February 15, the Center on Finance, Law & Policy hosted “Fintech in the African Context” as part of the University of Michigan’s Africa Week. Panelists discussed regulatory frameworks, barriers to scale, and business models that respond to the...

2020 Central Bank of the Future Conference Papers

Nov 16, 2020 /2020-central-bank-future-conference-papers
"Banking Regulation and Antitrust Towards Financial Inclusion and Access to Credit" by Denis Guimaraes "Central Bank Communication with a Financial Stability Objective" by David M. Arseneau "Developing Country Central Banks of the Future as...

2021 Business+Impact Showcase

Sep 14, 2021, 11:00 am-1:00 pm EDT
Michigan Ross’ 6th Floor Tauber Colloquium
Come check out the 4th annual Business + Impact Showcase with multiple centers, institutes, clubs, courses, and the Detroit Neighborhood Entrepreneurs Project represented!

Central Bank of the Future

Oct 2-3, 2019, 4:00-5:15 pm EDT
Palmer Commons Great Lakes Room and Auditorium
Traditionally, central banks have served three policy functions – monetary policy, payments systems oversight, and financial institution supervision. This conference will convene international experts and practitioners to examine how these core functions contribute to financial inclusion, poverty alleviation, and a more inclusive economy – and what could be improved.The conference contributes to a research initiative undertaken by the University of Michigan’s Center on Finance, Law & Policy, in partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to consider how the role of a central bank could evolve in the future and enable central banks to make greater contributions toward financial inclusion. Ultimately, the research intends to identify technologies, processes, or tools that could benefit a central bank in supporting public policy objectives related to inclusion, and consider whether other sectors, including philanthropy, might have a role to play in supporting the development of those tools. Registration to the event is free. Speakers and attendees will include individuals from  standards-setting bodies, central banks and other financial regulators, and policymakers, as well as futurists and technologists, and other financial ecosystem stakeholders.For more information visit http://financelawpolicy.umich.edu. 
Ford School
Central Bank of the Future

Redefining Financial Inclusion

May 15, 2021
Adrienne A. Harris
“Financial inclusion in India is soaring,” reads a 2019 headline from the World Economic Forum. The article is rife with promising statistics. In just seven years, the number of Indian citizens holding a bank account increased from forty to eighty...
Central Bank of the Future

2020 Financial Inclusion Mandates Among Central Banks (Worldwide)

January 24, 2021
This open source dataset created by the University of Michigan Center on Finance, Law & Policy. Designed to contribute to an international perspective, this original dataset identifies which central banks around the world have made financial...
Working Paper

The Financial Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

August 1, 2020
Michael S. Barr, Howell E. Jackson, Margaret E. Tahyar
This paper, written to assist faculty in teaching about the pandemic, focuses on key actions taken by the financial regulators in response to the crisis so far, giving a detailed summary of the actions taken by the Federal Reserve, the Treasury...
Financial Inclusion

Central Bank of the Future

December 2018 - June 2021
Michael S. Barr, Adrienne A. Harris
In partnership with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, this project explores the mandate and design of central banks to consider whether they might play an even stronger role in promoting financial inclusion, financial health, and a more inclusive...